My Group Work Revelation: Best Advice for Working in Online Teams


I recently took an online course where my professor wanted us to work in groups. I thought about how much I loathe group assignments and would prefer working alone any day. If I make a mistake, it’s ok, but if my team makes a mistake, it’s the end of the world. Once the assignment started, however, I realized no one actually likes group work. At the end of the day, we are all regular people with individual goals and motivations. Through this revelation, I came up with some main points to remember when attempting group work. Continue reading “My Group Work Revelation: Best Advice for Working in Online Teams”


Alan S. Blinder: One Side of the Offshoring Concern

Should America be concerned about foreign competition? Offshoring is the process of a company hiring overseas employees instead of domestic over a period of time. Alan S. Blinder is a respected professor of economics at Princeton University and an original member of the council of President Clinton’s economic advisors (Blinder, 2016). His original article, “Outsourcing: Bigger Than You Thought,”featured in the renowned magazine The American Prospect in 2006. This article, re-titled “Will Your Job Be Exported?”, discusses economic issues concerning job outsourcing and education in America. Continue reading “Alan S. Blinder: One Side of the Offshoring Concern”

A Platform for Career Progress

Social media has made it easier to communicate with everyone regardless of geographic location, status, or position. It provides a platform for everyone to share their ideas. Blog and information sites can help CIT students form ideas and or collaborate with like-minded professionals. I think it’s safe to say that we can expect more social networking capabilities considering how dependent we are on becoming on technology. The workplace will become more dependent on social networking. Continue reading “A Platform for Career Progress”